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I cradle your head in my hands as I pull you closer
I feel your breath on my lips as mine touch yours
It is gentle at first, slow, intimate, cautious
I pull you closer and kiss you deeper
Feeling your breasts press against me, nipples reacting with approval

Our eyes are closed
Our souls meet and react
 Your breathing stops
  That kiss goes deeper than any kiss before it
   That kiss strips away all the masks
    That kiss batters down all the walls
     And leaves you naked and exposed
    You shiver, you shake but you don’t pull away
   The opposite in fact, you draw in closer
  Giving yourself, taking all that is given
 There is nothing else but us
Drifting aimlessly through the Universe
Just us


The moment lasts forever
                                      The moment is over far too soon

That kiss ends and we move apart
My hands dropping from your head

  n your shoulders

  n your arms


You remain motionless
Eyes closed
Still shaking

You regain your senses and look at my smiling face

You say, “Don’t kiss me like that unless you mean it.”

And I did.

And . . .

I do
He looked about the house one last time, straightened a few of the items and made sure that all the doors were opened wide.  He entered her room, it was still in the condition she left it.  Nothing moved, nothing altered.  He fought back the tears and pressed on.  

He could see the shiny trails zipping this way and that through the house and made every effort to avoid them. Once he saw that all was in order he walked to the front of the house and opened the front door.

He stared inside.  This was their home.  This was His and hers and they were happy.  What happened?  How did it come to this?  It no longer mattered, she was gone and was not coming back.  His life here was over, as was hers.  So many memories.  Memories that would soon be tears in the rain.

He reached into His suit pocket and pulled out the golden Zippo that she had given him.  He smiled when looking down at it - it was a fun evening.  They had so many adventures . . .

But no, He must steel Himself to the task at hand.  He flicked the lighter and it sprang to life with a merry flame.  With a single tear He dropped it into the shiny pool at his feet.  The flames married the gasoline in perfect unison and then flew through the house utilizing the shiny trails.  It didn't take long for the house to be engulfed in flames.  It was burning and their life burned with it.

The heat was intense, He could feel it on His face. He was an arsonist, but He figured in the long run it didn't much matter anyway.  Turning His back on the burning building he strode casually to His car and sat down.  Looking to the house one last time He lowered the roof and cranked the stereo to as loud as it would go.  

Revving the engine he crushed the accelerator and the car rushed forward with a jolt and began to accelerate fast.  He thought of her one last time, eyes stinging with tears.  He found it difficult to steer since His hands were covered in the brake fluid of the line He had cut earlier.

He missed her terribly, He missed what they had.  And soon, at this next turn, He wouldn't miss anything anymore . . .
Bright as a jewel set in a golden crown
Soft as a feather trapped in a quilt of down
 Brilliant as the sun as it rides across the skies
 Gentle as the wind as it whispers and it sighs
Wonderful as the sunset in its brilliant hues of red
Lovely like the feeling of a word that's known not said
 Happy like the laughing of a million little kids
 Dreamy like the sleeping of a thousand closed eyelids
More beautiful than any flower that has ever bloomed on Earth
More stately than a room of Kings carousing in their mirth
 More caring that a story from a mother to her child
 More fascinating than the beast moving quickly through the wild

Charming as the Prince in his halls of gold
Stronger than the fighter in his tales of old
 Gracious as the rich man helping out the poor
 Regal as the eagle as he spreads his wings to soar
Perfect as the Rose as it blooms throughout the year
Nimbler than the hunter as he stalks his prey of deer
 Simple like the common man, complex like the King
 Greater than the sparkle from a trinket or a Ring
Mysterious like the wizard with his pointed hat and spell
Trusting like a true friend with a secret he can't tell
 More precious than one's life that hangs by silver thread
 And a personality that shimmers and washes away all dread
Silver like the moonbeam, golden like the sun
And giving much to everything and more than any One
 Eyes that are like jewels with a fire that burns within
 And a smile that lightens up thee dark and tramples down the din

With thought just like thee rainfall, caressing all with care
And boldness ever growing and not afraid to dare
 Pride like all the worlds molded all together
 And a spirit and a will that will shine right through forever
But now I'm sure you ask "What is this?" and with good reason
Something that's so wonderful and perfect in all season
 But I'm sure you know of what it is that I tell of
 Stronger than the lion and yet gentle as the dove
It is something we all seek and many never find
Is it due to ignorance or all we all just blind?
 But some of us have found it and it shines upon your face
 And ever though some lost it naught will ever take it's place
There are a few things I can say so your don't loose this thing
Never covet your prize like gold or gem or ring
 And never in your pride think it won't ever stray
 For then your pride will strike you down and it shall go away
And never keep it for your eyes and always for yourself
Love it for what it really is and not kept upon a shelf
 For if you do you'll lose it and it shall leave your precious land
 And you are doomed to wander an to never understand

Never play with Destiny, just play the cards she deal
Always expect the unexpected for everything is real
 Never let your mind play tricks and twist what you are dealt
 Just remember all your memories and all those feelings felt
Maybe you'll find it once again, who knows not God nor Hell
But once is more than many as for twice no one call tell
 And to those of you who haven't found what it is I say
 When it come you'll know it, hold on tight but let it play
And to those of you who still don't know of what it is I shout
Open yourself to thee world and let your heart break out

I've said all now that I can say, now I must go on far away
To find that thing I lost one day . . .

And maybe to obtain it.
You know.
You know what you want, because it’s what you’ve always wanted.
You know what you need, because you’ve always needed it.
You know how to get it, but you’re unsure of the path to take.
You wish for it, because so far it’s all you can do.
You hope for it, because it’s only fair you are happy too.
You crave it, because it’s been so long a fucking wait.
You dream of it, because up to this point it’s all you have.
You watch others obtain it and then get scared when you realize they haven’t found it.

You’ve waited.
You’ve prayed.
You’ve hoped.
You’ve dreamed.
You’ve given up.

And then . . .

You found it, or at least you think you’ve found it.
And then it was gone.  Was it ever really there?

You’ve shut down.
You’ve given up on it.
You’ve moved on and tried to forget.

But you can’t.

You know you’ve found it.
You want so very badly to reach out and take it.
You are so scared it isn’t real.

But it is.

And . . .

You know it.


I live vicariously through me.
United States
Well, I have no artistic talent to speak of.  I can't draw, or paint, or even take a decent picture.  But I can paint little people (Warhammer, D&D) and I can reproduce pictures.  Every day my daughter buys her lunch on Fridays.  I have to include a juice pouch, a napkin, a tiny piece of candy and four (4) packs of ketchup.

I think I will post my bags.  They aren't original art, just stuff I find on the Internet or Dragoart, so I didn't come up with them but it doesn't matter . . . it's what makes her happy!

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